I learned on January 25th that the Louisville Free Public Library’s workers are not considered essential employees and will thus not be vaccinated in either the 1B or 1C phase of vaccination.

My husband let me know that he is scheduled for vaccination because of his job at UPS. He works in an office with limited contact with other coworkers, no contact with the public, and no involvement in shipping medical equipment, so I wondered when our workers would be scheduled for their vaccines given our frequent contact with the public and the essential nature of the access to computer use and help we’re currently providing.

When I asked our Human Resources representative when we would be scheduled, I was directed to the same chart I’ve seen a million times:

Ashley Nichole Sims

Board Member, Organizing Committee Chair, and Former President, AFSCME Local 3425 | 2020 @traindems Staff Academy Communications Alum | she/her

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